ABOUT iPromise

“iPromise” is acronym for “Intelligent Program For Maintaining Integrated Street Light & Energy System” which is a Complete Web & Mobile Based Solution for Street Light Maintenance System. The application is a fully integrated solution with numerous modules that make it easy to maintain the health of street lighting system. In the most of the cities, the street lights are installed and maintained by municipalities, and at first glance, it seems difficult – even boring – because of its poles and lamps. Moreover, the app comes with the ability to draw season based preventive maintenance planning & monitoring system.

iPromise Suite is a complete Integrated Solution for Govt. Officer


Modules of iPromise

Office & Field Inspection Staff Module

Field Inspection reports are easily entered through staff mobile application by officers’/corporation staff, who are working in field on site.

Contractors Module

For allocation of work according to base on profiles of the employees, this module is a right choice that made it easily possible for officers and higher authorities to distribute work.

Office & Field Inspection Staff Module

Field Inspection reports are normally entered through Staff Mobile Application by officers / corporation staff that work in field on site. The information that is captures while filling a

Preventative Maintenance Module

Using its preventative maintenance module, you can get the ability to draw season based preventive maintenance planning and monitoring system.

Assets Management Module

Asset Management module and Asset Grouping based on the society, streets, wards and zones.

Penalty Management Module

The Penalty Management Module makes it simple to calculate the penalty that to be charged on contractors for not completing work on specified time-limit.

GPS Based Field Attendance Module

Through its GPS Based Field Attendance Module, users can GPS based streetlight staff and contractor’s street light vehicle attendance system.

MIS & Reporting Module

Now, night inspection and instant mobile-based reporting become easily possible through this module.

Sensor Technology at its best use

iPromise primarily uses three major sensors on your modern smartphone


We seek to use the power of the Internet to bring the field staff and back office admin staff closer and eliminate the gap of communication and duplication of work. Inside VBD-Tracker, we use Internet / 3G Data feature which acts as a sensor to transmit the data to the central server.  In remote areas where there is no internet, all the data is stored locally on smartphone and then synced / uploaded once the officer / staff comes in proximity of WIFI or 3G, this offline feature is very useful when the staff is working in remote villages or forest areas.


The actual Global Positioning System (GPS) Location of the person is recorded, while he is performing his field-reporting task. It also allows the system to capture the actual location including the  latitude and longitude, ensuring that the officer actually visited the site / location and the duties were actually performed on site and not just on paper.


Its a famous saying, A picture is worth a thousand words. Using Camera as a sensor on smartphones, officers can capture the photographs of the actual site that they had visited. Photos or spot inspection photos, which becomes a part of their inspection reports, gives a real and meaningful view of the report becomes a part of their inspection reports.

Simple software solution for Citizen

This intuitive design of iPromise requires no basic training to use – and is super fast, because we deliver the entire Suite on Software as a Service (SaaS) software  model, just sign up now and get up and running.  iPromise is so easy to use that most municipal staff and contractors can become competent in as little as a hour or two.

Easy to Maintaining staff and Citizen complains

Today more than 95% of cities have a either a manual way of maintaining the street lighting system or a simple software solution that only tracks complains & fixes via 311 system, As these are not integrated system, they actually leads to Poor Condition of Street Lighting in many case.

Simplify operation & maintenance of entire street light system safe

The whole objective of iPromise is to simplify operation  & maintenance of entire street light system safe, healthy and in working order condition either by done by municipalities or there contractors.


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